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Trading building materials and insulation

Electrical materials: internal and external wiring cables, wires of all sizes, distribution panels, sub-switches, lighting switches, indoor and outdoor lighting,
Plumbing materials: the main water supply and accessories of accessories and all kinds of valves, transfers, mixers, faucets, plumbing, sanitary ware and sanitary fittings.
Construction equipment and accessories: All the many tools, timber, scaffolding, cranes and all necessary for the buildings of equipment.
Basic building materials: Reinforcing steel, Cement, Sand for construction, Materials for concrete processing, Reinforcement steel.
Waterproofing and thermal insulation materials: waterproofing, surface insulation, insulation of bathrooms, insulation tanks, epoxy insulation, foam insulation, rock insulation, volcanic insulation.


(+966) 11 4320222




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